Wifi Robot


I would have liked to have this  on the site a long time ago but I never really got around to posting it. This project was realized in my last year of high school, in which we all needed to make a project related to the courses we were following. This was mine, it’s basically an exploration type robot on tracks, with plenty of possibilities to add new capabilities. It uses a modified router to establish a connection with my laptop and can be controlled by an xbox controller using audio and video feedback. Continue Reading →


Updated Version, 6-7-2012


You can buy colour displays on eBay with a resolution of 320*240 for as little as 18 dollars nowadays, but when I had purchased one of these I found that the amount of readily available drivers is very small (for pic’s that is). I also had a bit of trouble figuring out how to get images displayed properly (by firstly creating an array of a bitmap). The software to do this also seemed impossible to find (most of the programs I found either didn’t work, or only supported greyscale images).

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Xbox control by PC


xboxbypcintroductionIntroducing Xbox Control with a pc: An Xbox controller which is hooked up to a pc that is in turn connected to your Xbox 360. This enables you to change the signals before they arrive at the Xbox and therefore enables you to easily map all of you favourite button glitches to the buttons of your Xbox controller. It also enables you to easily find new glitches, and record your actions (which can than of course also be mapped to your buttons or saved and/or altered on your computer). But way more imporant, it allows handicaped people to use different custom input devices to control their xbox 360! Continue Reading →